Website refined: the quest for a better experience




having or showing well-bred feeling, taste, etc.: refined people.

freed or free from coarseness, vulgarity, etc.: refined taste.

freed from impurities: refined sugar.

very subtleprecise, or exact: refined distinctions.
1565–75; refine + -ed2

Thank you, I thought redux was the appropriate word to describe what’s going on at SMB, but it turns out to be refined.

If you’ve been following Sirius Mind and Body on Facebook, I’m sure you’ve seen me post something to the effect of “updating the website.”  and wondered, sheesh – how many times do you have to update?

The short and simple answer: A lot.

I am constantly looking for ways to refine your online experience with me and SMB  to make it the most enjoyable website you visit. That requires me to frequently assess what is / isn’t working and what’s new in software and apps on the market. To tell the truth, I really like trying out new software & apps. Delving into what apps can do for my business is right up there on my list of favorite biz activities along with creating jewelry, buying jewelry making supplies, drinking coffee (oh yes it is a biz activity) and exploring hardware stores – especially local Mom & Pop stores. I’m not saying that I’m the best at tweaking apps or writing my own code, but I really enjoy figuring out what’s going to work best for my customers.

My latest project is refining the marketplace or shopping cart. I finally found a platform that is accessible, easy to use and flexible enough to grow with SMB’s needs. Yay! My goal is to launch the new marketplace next weekend. I think you’ll like it, and I can’t wait for you to try it. In the meantime, I’m sharing some of  the ins and outs of this redesign.

Next post: Do you smell what I smell? Describing fragrances in terms everyone can agree upon.

~ Amy Cousin

Published by AmyCousinJewelry

I am a jewelry designer and gemstone intuitive who has a blast creating handcrafted jewelry from reclaimed precious metal wire, ethically sourced gemstones, recycled computer guts, vintage glass, upcycled wood, bicycle parts, and anything else that catches my interest. I make these sparkly cool treasures for amazing women and men.

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