This is The Only Place for SMB Online

Hi all! I just wanted to remind you that while the rest of our website goes through some changes (hosting & upgrades), be sure to go to   to shop online for your favorite fragrance oils. Also, the Fragrance Oils Special is still available, but only when you shop at siriusmindbody!Continue reading “This is The Only Place for SMB Online”

The Shipping News – website refined

As my refining of the Sirius Mind and Body marketplace gets closer to re-launch (yay!), I’ve uncovered elements that could stand a little more attention. For instance, today a customer contacted me about shipping options. Specifically, she wanted to know what is the best choice for shipping her order? Here’s a bit of how I explained it,Continue reading “The Shipping News – website refined”

Do you smell what I smell? Revisiting old friends and great scents

The website refining continues. This weekend I’m writing new descriptions for all of our fragrance oils. Every. Single. One.  I’ve been opening bottles and sniffing fragrances to come up with better definitions as I redesign the marketplace section of the website. The sniffing scents part is a lot of fun – I always enjoyed standingContinue reading “Do you smell what I smell? Revisiting old friends and great scents”

Website refined: the quest for a better experience

re·fined  [ri-fahynd]  adjective 1. having or showing well-bred feeling, taste, etc.: refined people. 2. freed or free from coarseness, vulgarity, etc.: refined taste. 3. freed from impurities: refined sugar. 4. very subtle, precise, or exact: refined distinctions. Origin: 1565–75; refine + -ed2 Thank you, I thought redux was the appropriate word to describe what’s going on at SMB, but it turns out to be refined.If you’ve been following Sirius Mind and Body on Facebook, I’m sure you’ve seen me post something to the effect of “updating theContinue reading “Website refined: the quest for a better experience”

Yep, I’m finally blogging for SMB

Welcome to my blog! Although Sirius Mind and Body has been around for a long long time – 18 years, to be exact – I’ve never had an SMB blog. Go figure.   Yes, I’ll still post the latest SMB happenings on Facebook and Twitter, but I see this blog as the spot where weContinue reading “Yep, I’m finally blogging for SMB”