This is The Only Place for SMB Online

Hi all! I just wanted to remind you that while the rest of our website goes through some changes (hosting & upgrades), be sure to go to   to shop online for your favorite fragrance oils. Also, the Fragrance Oils Special is still available, but only when you shop at siriusmindbody!Continue reading “This is The Only Place for SMB Online”

Fantastic Oils + Easy Shopping = New SMB Marketplace!

Whoo hoo! The new Sirius Mind and Body Marketplace is open! I’m so excited for you to visit it and enjoy the improvements I’ve made for you: Descriptions and Catagories. There are so many ways to describe and categorize smells! I thought about all of the good times we had at our brick and mortar shop,Continue reading “Fantastic Oils + Easy Shopping = New SMB Marketplace!”

Do you smell what I smell? Revisiting old friends and great scents

The website refining continues. This weekend I’m writing new descriptions for all of our fragrance oils. Every. Single. One.  I’ve been opening bottles and sniffing fragrances to come up with better definitions as I redesign the marketplace section of the website. The sniffing scents part is a lot of fun – I always enjoyed standingContinue reading “Do you smell what I smell? Revisiting old friends and great scents”