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Earth Fragrance Oils

Our Earth Fragrances tend to be our deeper, warmer, and obviously earthier oils. They are extracted from resin tears, semi-liquid resins, barks and flowers. As a body oil, our Earth Fragrances are exotic and exciting. As a diffuser oil, our Earth Fragrances help set the perfect atmosphere for meditation as well as celebration.

Through the amazing alchemy of our fragrance house, all of Sirius Mind and Body’s oils are plant-based and cruelty-free in addition to being created through a cold-pressed and alcohol-free process. Since our oils are handcrafted in small batches, the color of the oil may vary slightly. Fragrance oils come in a 10ml glass bottle with a roll-on applicator.

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Our other varieties of Earth Fragrances can be found here:

Amber fragrance oil

Sirius Mind and Body's Amber is another across the board favorite. It seems to satisfy all fragrance preferences - clean, warm, slightly sweet, happy. Yes, our Amber has been described as 'Happy' on more than one occasion. Who am I to argue with that?


Amber of Atlantis fragrance oil

Amber of Atlantis is one of our custom blends, thanks to my husband. When I asked him to describe it, he said one word: Enchanting. Being a wee bit longer winded than he is, I have to add my own description: Amber of Atlantis is worn well by men and women because it's just that - enchanting. It is much lighter than our traditional Amber, but it also resonates on a deeper level. Amber of Atlantis responds to the individual wearers' personal chemistry, providing the perfect balance of amber and clean.


Blue Incantation fragrance oil

M, our first born alchemist, created this amazing fragrance a many years ago while listening to our Blue Incantation by Sanjay Mishra, featuring Jerry Garcia (one of his last collaborations). It was late, and we all wanted to go home, but M was on a roll, conjuring a fragrance like no other. Soon the shop was filled with great music and great fragrance. When a pack of late-night joggers slowed their pace to a halt just to sniff the scent wafting out of Sirius, I knew M had once again created something special.


Casmir fragrance oil

Casmir is a traditional fragrance that was frequently used as the base for many of the early designer perfumes. Its rich resinous spice is punctuated by lime. Casmir is deceptive because this resinous scent also mellows to become smooth, warm, and inviting.


Dragon Blood fragrance oil

Warm and woodsy with a hint of sweetness underneath. This fragrance oil is created from the sap of the dragon blood tree. Our Dragon Blood fragrance oil is frequently used during meditation and to recalibrate the energy in sacred spaces.


Frankincense fragrance oil

I know I have to find a better word to use than amazing, but that is exactly what our Frankincense fragrance oil is! Ahhh-mazing! Sirius Mind and Body's Frankincense is produced from the same trees harvested for our famous resin incense. It has just the right amount of sweetness - because it is cold pressed, not alcohol processed - which allows the true traditional fragrance to shine through.


Frankincense & Myrrh fragrance oil

Our Frankincense & Myrrh fragrance oil is created from the same resin tears harvested for our incense. Aside from the amazingly well nurtured groves that produce our wonderful resins, what makes ours so special is that we never ever express any of our products with alcohol. Our Frankincense & Myrrh can be worn by everyone and can fill every room in your house with warmth and well being when used in oil warmers.


Golden Meditation fragrance oil

Golden Meditation is a favorite with its smooth, lightly green fragrance, with a hint of lemongrass to keep you connected in the present moment.


Green Tea fragrance oil

Our Green Tea fragrance oil is close to the top of the list of favorites. Its clean, green aroma with a hint of lemongrass is refreshing and long lasting.


Kush fragrance oil

The name Kush has been given a bad rap by being associated with, ahem, other natural products ... which do it no justice. Kush is an ancient, traditional resin used to cleanse and deodorize the most pungent of travellers. Kush is also the name of the kingdom in the ancient Nubia region of the Nile River valley. Our Kush fragrance oil is alcohol-free (as are all of our fragrance oils), and embodies all that is wonderful in its name: woody, sweet, regal.


Mawa fragrance oil

While Wikipedia says "Mawa is a term used in Hindi language to denote dried fruits", that is not entirely how I would describe our Mawa fragrance oil. Sirius Mind and Body's Mawa smells more like the earth that grew the dried fruits... and that is a wonderful thing! Our Mawa is definitely one of our earthier fragrances - rich and dark and exotic. If this sounds a little too dark, you might want to try our Mawa Mimosa oil.


Mawa Mimosa fragrance oil

E created Mawa Mimosa from a happy accident - oh those pesky labels! The scent has become one of the favorites for customers who prefer darker scents, but don't necessarily want to smell like freshly turned earth. The Mimosa element doesn't make the Mawa flowery; it merely tames the earthiness so it can be worn well by all.


Myrrh fragrance oil

Myrrh oh Myrrh. There is no denying that Myrrh is a dark scent. Very deep and dark. But that's a good thing. Like most of our fragrance oils, Myrrh has a magical way of responding to your body chemistry, and lightens up if it needs to. Of course, the adage "a little goes a long way" is still quite appropriate for Myrrh.


Nag Champa fragrance oil

Nag Champa, in its simplest form, is a blend of Frangipani and Sandalwood. I can tell you that because fragrance houses that create their own special blend of Nag Champa guard their formula closely - and we do too. What you can expect of Sirius Mind and Body's Nag Champa is that it is of the same excellent quality as the rest of our fragrance oils. It is easily recognizable as a Nag Champa, with its warm, woody, slightly sweet scent. Our Nag Champa is velvety, and never ever smoky. Enjoy!


Opium fragrance oil

What our Opium is not is the designer-type perfume you might be familiar with. What our Opium is is the alcohol-free, cold-pressed essential oil blend that has been used as the base for many designer-type perfumes. And by perfume, I mean alcohol-expressed watered down scent in an expensive throw away bottle. Now, which one sounds more appealing? We have a few variations of Opium Fragrance oil, and invite you to try them all.


Opium Elixir fragrance oil

Our special blend of Opium fragrance oil. This blend is resinous but light with a touch of citrus on the end.


Rain fragrance oil

Our Rain fragrance oil's grassy notes are lush and refreshing. It rejuvenates both your environment and your spirits.


China Rain fragrance oil

China Rain is a light, sparkling fragrance with dash of lemon and ginger at the end. In a word, refreshing.


Sweet Rain fragrance oil

Sweet Rain is the most subtle of the three rain fragrance oils: a gentle blend of light green grassy with a touch of honey sweetness.


Sirius fragrance oil

Even though our signature fragrance oil is out of this world, its aroma does align with the rest of our Earth fragrances. This amazing fragrance oil is all things to all who wear it: clean, lightly green, warm and above all, long lasting. Many people use Sirius while meditating.


Tabu fragrance oil

Our Tabu fragrance oil is derived from an ancient, closely held formula. It is a classic that has defied designer trends for as long as designer perfumes have existed. In fact, our Tabu has been used as the base for many designer-type perfumes. None of them holds a sniff to our cold-pressed, alcohol-free oils.


Vial bottle for Earth fragrance oils

If you are intrigued by a fragrance and want to give it a try, our Vial sized bottles are the way to go. Be sure to enter the names of the fragrances you want in Vial size in the comments section during checkout.


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