Fragrance Oils: Floral

The Floral section is often called one of our Happiness areas. It’s hard to find the words that can do justice to our Fun and Floral Fragrance Oils. Don’t be fooled by names like Plum Fantasy – you won’t find any overly sticky-sweet or syrupy fragrances here. The fragrances listed here are flowers or have a floral scent. They may also appear on other lists.

Through the amazing alchemy of our fragrance house, all of Sirius Mind and Body’s oils are plant-based and cruelty-free in addition to being created through a cold-pressed and alcohol-free process. Since our oils are handcrafted in small batches, the color of the oil may vary slightly. Fragrance oils come in a 10ml glass bottle with a roll-on applicator.

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Blue Incantation fragrance oil

M, our first born alchemist, created this amazing fragrance a many years ago while listening to Blue Incantation by Sanjay Mishra, featuring Jerry Garcia in one of his last collaborations. It was late, and we all wanted to go home, but M was on a roll, conjuring a fragrance like no other. Soon the shop was filled with great music and great fragrance. When a pack of late-night joggers slowed their pace to a halt just to sniff the scent wafting out of Sirius, I knew M had once again created something special.


Cherry Blossom fragrance oil

Luscious cherries and velvety smooth blossoms. Never sticky or cloying. ~ sorry, we're currently out of stock. please contact if you would like to be notified when Cherry Blossom is available.


Japanese Cherry Blossom fragrance oil

Soft and sophisticated


Desert Flower fragrance oil

Desert Flower is the perfect name for this fragrance oil: No dust or tumbleweeds - just a warm dry breeze with a faint sweetness on the end.


Freesia fragrance oil

Our Freesia fragrance oil is a complex scent: bright, floral top notes with a dark green, mossy undertone. It is just as nice as a home scent as it is a body scent.


Lavender fragrance oil

I searched through a lot of amazing photos of lavender fields in search of the one that conveys the richness of our Lavender oil. Who wouldn't love strolling through these lush fields? Robust and invigorating and soothing at the same time. Breathe in with me. Exhale with me. Smile with me.


Midnight fragrance oil

Our Midnight fragrance oil can be described in so many ways: sultry, warm and inviting. Yes, it is a very sweet scent, but if you follow the Sirius Mind and Body rule (a little goes a long way), it won't be overpowering. Midnight is also a wonderful home scent - it smells so good that you'll have a had time getting guests to leave!



Our Mimosa fragrance oil is a nice medium floral scent: not too light, not too sweet. It blends well with your personal body chemistry, adding that little something extra. Nice.


Purple Orchid fragrance oil

lush, wild orchid


Sun Moon Stars fragrance oil

This is another favorite. Sun Moon Stars is perfectly named - it has just the right blend bright sun-kissed floral, moon mystery to keep it sophisticated, with sweet twinkling star accents. Our Sun Moon Stars also creates an magical mood in your abode when warmed in an oil diffuser.


clear glass jar of luscious honey

Honey Vanilla fragrance oil

Our Honey Vanilla oil is a warm and lovely fragrance. Its name is appropriate, being more of a honey scent with a faint trace of vanilla. This oil is popular for its ability to blend well with many other fragrances. A little goes a long, long way.


Vial bottle for Floral fragrance oils

If you are intrigued by a fragrance and want to give it a try, our Vial sized bottles are the way to go. Be sure to enter the names of the fragrances you want in Vial size in the comments section during checkout.


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