Fragrance Oils: Happy

When our brick & mortar shop was open (in both Minneapolis, MN and Rock Hill, SC) barely a week went by when someone dragged themselves through the front door in need of a ‘happy’ fragrance. Yep, that’s what just about everyone said … if I didn’t suggest it myself. The following are the tried and true Happy fragrances. These are the ones that instantly put a smile on your face and lift your mood.

Through the amazing alchemy of our fragrance house, all of Sirius Mind and Body’s oils are plant-based and cruelty-free in addition to being created through a cold-pressed and alcohol-free process. Since our oils are handcrafted in small batches, the color of the oil may vary slightly. Fragrance oils come in 10ml glass bottles with roll-on applicators.

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Amber of Atlantis fragrance oil

Amber of Atlantis is one of our custom blends, thanks to my husband. When I asked him to describe it, he said one word: Enchanting. Being a wee bit longer winded than he is, I have to add my own description: Amber of Atlantis is worn well by everyone because it's just that enchanting. It is much lighter than our traditional Amber, but it also resonates on a deeper level. Amber of Atlantis responds to the individual wearers' personal chemistry, providing the perfect balance of amber and clean.


Green Apple fragrance oil

Just imagine a piece of Granny Smith apple flavored hard candy in a bottle - crisp, sweet, tart. Yum!


Black Coconut fragrance oil

Our Black Coconut fragrance oil was probably the most surprising Happy scent to me, but it never fails to deliver an almost instantaneous shoulder release followed by a smile. Black Coconut is dark roasted and oh so smooth. It is also potent: a little goes a long way, so use sparingly.


Butt Naked fragrance oil

Yes... the name of this fragrance is Butt Naked... for now. This is another specialty blend that became so popular that it has become a regular in our stock of fragrance oils. What does Butt Naked smell like? Candies! Think of a roll of pineapple flavored hard candies (no brand names shall be mentioned here) with a blackberry or cherry thrown in. I classify it with the 'happy' fragrance oils because the scent is simply joyous. I guess that is why no one really minds its name.


Sweet Cucumber fragrance oil

When our brick & mortar shop was open, I'd frequently ask our customers for their impressions of a scent. The general consensus is Sweet Cucumber's sweet aroma, by itself, works best as an area fragrance. In truth, it is a substantial scent, that can move a tad too close to smelling "ripe" for me to suggest as a body fragrance. On the other hand, Sweet Cucumber is also one of those 'happy' fragrances I've mentioned. Since I'd never deny anyone the opportunity to be happy, I often blend in a touch of Egyptian Musk oil, to lift Sweet Cucumber up and make it delightfully wearable. The general consensus agrees - the blend is happy.


Fusion Fruit fragrance oil

Oh, this is a fun fragrance! Fusion Fruit is skillfully jam-packed with every imaginable fruit. We even detect a slice of cheesecake in there. Deliciously happy.


Jamaican Fruit fragrance oil

We call Jamaican Fruit one of our happy scents because this tropical goodness is guaranteed to put a smile on you face! One sniff puts you in the island state of mind: perfect breeze, yummy fruit, luscious flowers. Remember - no alcohol in any of our oils, just straight up happiness.


Rainforest fragrance oil

Lush. That is the first word that always pops up in my mind when I'm asked to describe our Rainforest oil. Of course, I go on to say it is one of those happy fragrance oils - you've probably noticed that we have quite a few happy oils. Rainforest is special because it is clean and green and sweet, but not too sweet. Anyone can wear Rainforest.


Raspberry Fantasy fragrance oil

Can you say yum? That's always the response at the first sniff of our Raspberry Fantasy fragrance oil. It's so delicious that many prefer to use it as a scent for the home. Don't be shy - Raspberry Fantasy wears quite well as a body fragrance if you follow the Sirius Mind and Body rule: a little goes a long long way!


Vial bottle for Happy fragrance oils

If you are intrigued by a fragrance and want to give it a try, our Vial sized bottles are the way to go. Be sure to enter the names of the fragrances you want in Vial size in the comments section during checkout.


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