Fantastic Oils + Easy Shopping = New SMB Marketplace!

Whoo hoo! The new Sirius Mind and Body Marketplace is open! I’m so excited for you to visit it and enjoy the improvements I’ve made for you: Descriptions and Catagories. There are so many ways to describe and categorize smells! I thought about all of the good times we had at our brick and mortar shop,Continue reading “Fantastic Oils + Easy Shopping = New SMB Marketplace!”

The Shipping News – website refined

As my refining of the Sirius Mind and Body marketplace gets closer to re-launch (yay!), I’ve uncovered elements that could stand a little more attention. For instance, today a customer contacted me about shipping options. Specifically, she wanted to know what is the best choice for shipping her order? Here’s a bit of how I explained it,Continue reading “The Shipping News – website refined”